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Out With the Old….In With Pretty Much the Same

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I usually keep to the same three New Year’s resolutions; financial security, health and happy relationships. I usually manage to hold true to an ever shifting combination of two out of the three at any given time so this year I’ll add a couple goals that might be more easily attainable.

My previous job of 11 years finally went bust after a massive off-shoring effort but I landed a great gig thanks to a friend of mine so “Goal 1” – check!

As anyone who follows me on Facebook knows, I started running again this year and between that and working out at home; I lost over 16 pounds from last New Year’s. “Goal 2” – check!

The third goal is always the tricky one so I’ll just keep working on that.

Now it’s time to add some new goals for 2012.

I used to play bass guitar in a reggae band but sold it and bought a six-string acoustic guitar a few years ago. I have never done anything with it except look at it wistfully so this is the year I learn to play. I also have an acoustic bass guitar but one thing at a time. Look for me to fill in the musical gaps in the Tampa Bay area next winter.

Next, I’ve had my handgun for a number of years and while I can place a fairly tight grouping on a target I’d like to be more proficient and also get my CCW. There’s a new shooting range opening up near me in February so look out bad guys and zombies!

And lastly, my condo needs some furniture; especially in the home office area. Maybe a nice place to work and write will produce the next book that my fans have been clamoring for. Ok maybe not clamoring but certainly inquiring. “The Giraffe” is almost six years old already; it’s about time he had a sibling.

So there you have them, my goals for 2012.

Care to share yours?


Written by David A. Ufer

January 2, 2012 at 7:15 am

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