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For those of you who can’t remember, the world wasn’t always as connected as it is today. If someone wanted to disappear for a while, it was really quite easy. Simply step out of your house and vanish. As kids, we would play outside all day, only coming home when our moms would yell out the back door for us when dinner was ready or when it was time to come in for the night. Occasionally we would have to run inside to check in but if not for that, we were invisible to the world except the kids we were playing with.

If you were home and wanted to call someone you probably walked into the kitchen to use the wall phone. You know, the phone with the mile-long cord that shrunk to a few twisted, gnarled, hopelessly tangled feet. Oh sure you could untwist it by holding the cord and letting the handset dangle and swing while it spun itself left and right but as soon as you hung up the phone, the cord went right back to its rat nest. And if you happened to be on the phone and someone wanted to speak to you, they got a busy signal. And that condition could last for hours if you had a chatty family member. There was no call waiting until much later and cell phones didn’t become popular until way into my adult years.

The first small computer we had was the Tandy TRS-80 which was usually sold at Radio Shack. This was an amazing piece of hardware at the time. Programmable using BASIC with data storage being an external tape cassette device connected via an external connector. There weren’t any games to play but it was still an incredible device. And there certainly wasn’t any Internet back in the day. If you wanted to chat with someone, you had to pick up the phone or actually be in the same room with them. Imagine that! Having an actual conversation in person!

And then there’s facebook. I get checked in, checked out, tagged, liked and finally poked. I almost don’t have to leave my computer to have a social life.

I could go on and on but I need to make sure I get this finished so I can share it with all my friends. You know, the friends on facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress.


Written by David A. Ufer

May 7, 2012 at 6:24 am

Posted in Technology

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