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Just a few thoughts while traveling to New Jersey for my grandmother’s 99th birthday party.

Some people are extremely rude and self-centered with the overhead storage compartments. I could hardly find room for my sardine can suitcase due to the steamer trunks other travellers bring on board. It’s ridiculous!

I hate air travel because I know I’m bound to pick up some germ or illness. I made the mistake of grabbing a magazine from the seat pocket and then spent the rest of the flight trying in vain to avoid touching my face, eyes, nose or mouth.

There were a couple of babies on the flight. One poor child was laughing one minute and crying the next as the air pressure affected his ears. First he called for Mama, next Dada and then Yaya. That poor kid was reaching out to anyone he could for help. If he even remotely came close to saying David A. Ufer, I would have gone back to help him.

The new security rules require passengers to use the lavatories in their “class section” only. Apparently First Class passengers piss  excellence.

US Airways gives a mid-flight pitch for their credit card. I booked a coach ticket on a discount travel website, the last thing I need is another credit card.

And the coup de grace upon landing in Newark, NJ was the woman who heaved just as we hit the tarmac. The splattering of this explosive hurl was not at all funny but the “Jesus Christ!” that immediately followed by her seat mate will forever make me smile and laugh out loud at the thought of it.

I would repeat all of the above in a second for a chance to enjoy the birthday celebrations of Bruce Springsteen and my grandmother all over again!


Written by David A. Ufer

September 23, 2012 at 11:39 pm

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