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Sometimes I have no idea what I will write about for the upcoming Monday. During such times, I like to head out on a run and hope something will come to me. Tonight was such a night and I certainly was not disappointed.

Whenever I’m driving my car, I always give runners and bicyclists a little extra room as I pass them and I will slow down just a bit as I do so. I wish everyone would be as respectful and courteous.

I don’t usually run on the sidewalks around my town because the transition from sidewalk to road and back again is not always smooth; one might have to adjust their stride or navigate some dips or broken pavement during those transitions. Therefore, I run on the street, facing traffic, as close to the side of the road as I can. I will admit to not always wearing the most reflective or eye-catching running gear so that’s on me, but my most recent run was a bit more exciting than normal.

I was running one of my usual routes, about a mile and a quarter in, when I came upon a driveway for one of the many condo complexes in town. As I approached the drive, I saw a car approaching from my left as it was heading to the intersection of the driveway and main roadway. There is a STOP sign at the junction and the car and I arrived at that location at the same time. As most drivers will do, this driver decided to roll past the designated stopping line to get a better view of any traffic coming from his left.

I was eighteen inches away from having to perform my best “Bo and Luke Duke slide across the hood” of this BMW when the guy jammed on his brakes as I ran past the front of his grill. His feeble “I’m sorry” hand gesture did little to filter my response and I’m sure he and his companion both rationalized how I was in the wrong.

Incidents like this happen quite often to runners and cyclists alike. We have every right to use the roadways for our exercise and training, we just need everyone to use their heads, follow the rules and share the road.


Written by David A. Ufer

November 5, 2012 at 2:22 am

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