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Happy New Year!

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And just like that another year has come and gone. A lot has happened these past twelve months but wow!, this year seriously flew by! I remember sitting here this time last year writing my blog about New Year’s and the resolutions I would make, so with that in mind, let’s see how I did.

Number One – Financial Security. Well, seeing as I still have a job in this crazy economy, I’d consider this resolution a success!

Number Two – Health. I ran a lot of miles this year, had a false alarm regarding my heart which led to all kinds of exams which in turn provided a much better view into my health and I’ve eaten pretty well so again, I’d rate this a success!

Number Three – A Happy Relationship. This is always the most elusive resolution of the group. Sadly, I need to call this a failure also but I am every hopeful.

Number Four – Learning to play my guitar. Failure, plain and simple. I just never made the time to work on this one.

Number Five – Practice with my weapon and get my CCW. Again, failure.

Number Six – Create a home office and write another book. I’m calling this one a three-quarter failure. I did not create my  home office nor did I write another book, BUT I did revisit some older short stories and began shopping them around to publishers, so that should count for something!

So while I did not accomplish most of my goals for the year, I did concentrate on what’s important to me. I spent quality time with my friends, flew up North to visit family whom I hadn’t seen in far too long and I lived my life with as little drama as possible. I’ll take that over anything any day!

Happy New Year everyone!


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