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The Clampetts Visit That Swedish Meatball Furniture Store

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Just how much furniture can one fit into a 2003 Mustang GT? Well, let me answer that; an entire apartment’s worth, that’s how much!

Those Swedes are geniuses with their modular designs and packaging. Two armchairs, two foot stools, a very large 6′ x 4′ picture mural including frame, queen-sized bed frame with head board and foot board, chair and foot stool cushions, assorted kitchen accessories and the hide from a small Yeti all slid, crammed and otherwise stowed somewhat Tetris-like into my car. Add myself and two passengers all in the front seat and I was glad I didn’t eat too many more of those delicious meatballs!

It was my first trip to that store but I can be pretty much assured it won’t be my last. I may not ever need any furniture from there but I could easily have filled the car will all kinds of accessories and knick-knacks. Maybe if I deck out my kitchen and make it more hospitable for cooking, I can get a cute girl to cook for me.


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