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The Birthday Trip

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The Big 5-0, or to put it in more recent terminology, Fiddy.

In just a few weeks I’ll hit the half-century mark. Wow, how did this happen?! I don’t feel my age, although there are some days I’ll admit to some aches and pains but I attribute them to working out in the gym, pushing my physical self to the limits my mental self says I should still be able to achieve. I may have lost a step or two on the running track but I’m still able to run a respectable 5K and might just be in better overall shape than I was in high school.

At any rate, I’ll be celebrating my 50th birthday traipsing around, down and in the Grand Canyon. The American Southwest has been an item on my bucket list for quite a while and this year is the year I cross that one off the list!

I’m very much looking forward to visiting the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Four Corners in New Mexico and the gorgeous Sedona, AZ areas as well as a ride on some of Rt. 66 and wherever else the desert winds may take me.

In the meantime, the shopping and planning phases are keeping me occupied and excited.

See you on down the road!


Written by David A. Ufer

April 21, 2014 at 6:58 am

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Anclote Key

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The breeze blows in our faces

As the boat cuts through the Gulf

A dolphin’s fin breaks the surface

Attracted to the hum of the engines

The sun is warm against our skin

As the aroma of coconut wafts by

The water is cool but not cold

Friends laugh and joke

As kids and dogs frolic on the beach

Sunscreen and cocktails, surf and sand

Welcome to Anclote Key

Written by David A. Ufer

May 20, 2013 at 8:58 am

My Last Post?

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Mayan cartoonAccording to popular belief, the world is going to end sometime on Friday, December 21, 2012. If so, this will be my last post or at least my last post on Should I somehow survive whatever cataclysmic event shatters our existence as we know it, I might possibly scratch future blog postings on a cave wall or the inside of a Wal-Mart bathroom stall. We all know Wal-Mart sucks the life out of everything and never dies, so it’s a safe bet I’ll be able to find one or two left standing.

Just how the world will possibly end is as much as mystery as why people seriously believe it WILL end on Friday. Will a meteor smash into the planet throwing up a dust cloud so thick it will block the sun’s rays from reaching us and we will die a slow, cold death? Or will that same meteor smash into the moon reducing it to cosmic chalk resulting in the Earth’s oceans rising higher than Jimmy Neutron’s pompadour and drowning us all in fish pee?

Could this be the beginning of a zombie apocalypse? I know I’m ready, I’ve watched the training videos on A&E every Sunday night for the past couple of years! Which pretty much brings me back to Wal-Mart……..

But seriously, how could the Mayans predict the end of the world but not the end of their civilization? Surely they should have seen THAT coming!

Weekend Fun

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It’s only 7:14pm on Sunday night but I feel like I’ve been up forever! My partner in crime has been out of town since mid-week so it was up to me to find my own fun.

I ran a 5K on Saturday and posted my fastest time to date, so that was fun! I was concerned about my MP3 player running out of power so I made sure it was fully charged prior to Saturday. I needn’t have worried because aside from the song playing right at the start, I couldn’t even guess at what songs were playing during the race; I was completely oblivious to the music throughout the race. I have never been so in the zone during an event but I can’t complain with the results.

Saturday afternoon was spent moving furniture from a couple places and into my condo. For the first time in 11 years I can actually eat a meal at a dining table in my place; I feel so grown-up! Of course, the table will also double as a computer table so maybe I can get some decent writing going on. So that will be fun, too!

Sunday broke with overcast skies and a wonderful breeze blowing thanks to Hurricane Sandy. My friends and family up in the north eastern states are preparing for a possible shellacking but here in Florida we are enjoying some absolutely beautiful weather! The sun broke through mid-afternoon while I was still moving furniture and cleaning but I’m enjoying the new look which is always fun!

My own Hurricane Sandy will blow back into town tomorrow and that will definitely be fun!

I hope you all had a fun weekend as well and Happy Halloween!

Written by David A. Ufer

October 29, 2012 at 5:51 am

Up Before the Dawn

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Temporary insomnia has its benefits.

The world is pleasantly silent in the wee hours of the morning, save for the humming of tires from the roadways which near my community. When all is quiet in the world, it’s interesting that one can hear such sounds as if they are coming from the next room.

There is a very strange sound I hear on occasion. I can only compare it to the sound a hippopotamus makes. And the best way I can describe that is very similar to a Jabba the Hutt laugh. Click below to listen:

As the cooler weather arrives, I am looking forward to the return of the coyotes that make their home in the cable cut behind my complex. I’ve seen a few of them on occasion but I hear the whole pack when the moon is full. Their mournful howl sounds so sad but I can’t help but smile when I hear them sing in harmony with a passing emergency vehicle blasting its siren at full wail.

As the dawn breaks, the early birds take wing. Usually the seagulls are the first to announce their presence, squawking their way across the sky toward their watery destinations.

Next the squirrels awake and scamper to and fro searching for nuts or seeds for breakfast; their tails twitching with excitement. The gray squirrels are the most fun to watch as they chase each other with perfect balance across the stockade fences and around the oak tree trunks; chattering in a language only they understand.

Morning rolls into afternoon and then into evening. The early evening hours bring out nature’s battle tank, the armadillo. They waddle with their noses close to the ground in search of insects and grubs. Also on the hunt for insects are the Florida Evening Bats. Not a very original name but appropriate nonetheless. These night creatures appear at dusk to eat their fill as they zip and dart in the evening air.

This cycle repeats over and over, every day and yet I never tire of it.

Written by David A. Ufer

October 17, 2011 at 8:09 am

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