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An Ode to Christmas

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‘Twas a few days before Christmas

And all through the land

Holiday music was playing

Via radio or live band

The halls are not decked

No freaky elf on the shelf

Just me waiting for the Big Man,

Not Clarence, but Santa Claus, himself

I didn’t decorate this year

No lights red, green or bluish

It’s just that I’m lazy

Not that I’m Jewish

Since Santa’s a bit heavy

A change might be nice

Instead of cookies and milk

He’ll get steamed veggies and brown rice

The presents are wrapped

All with bows and stuff

Hopefully next month’s bills

Won’t be too rough

I sent my cards

To family and friends

This Florida weather is great

I hope it never ends

I’ll finish up now

I have a few things left to do

Merry Christmas to all

God bless most of you

Written by David A. Ufer

December 23, 2013 at 7:58 am

The Ghost of Christmas Past – Part One

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I know it’s only October but as I was driving home the other night, with the air conditioner blowing cool air at my face, I was reminded of Christmas when I was a kid. I was in a quiet, reflective mood and my mind drifted back to the celebrations at my grandparent‘s house.

Christmas started early for us kids as we would wake up to our overflowing stockings at the foot of our beds. After examining the goods that Santa literally laid at our feet, we would jump out of bed and not so quietly sneak downstairs to see what the jolly old elf put under the tree. We were never disappointed!

After opening our gifts and eating breakfast, we drove over to our grandparent’s house where we feasted on delicious holiday fare and spent the day laughing, singing and playing with our new toys with brothers, sisters and cousins. What a blast we all had!

By the time we had to go home, we were exhausted. We bundled up in our heavy coats, scarves and hats for the short ride home that seemed to last forever. The icy chill stabbed through our clothes and stung our faces all the way home. The car never seemed to heat up until we pulled into our driveway.

Looking back on those nights now, the cold chill on my face didn’t seem much different than the cool breeze provided by my car’s air conditioner.

Funny how one’s perspective changes over time.

Written by David A. Ufer

October 14, 2013 at 7:06 am

Happy New Year!

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And just like that another year has come and gone. A lot has happened these past twelve months but wow!, this year seriously flew by! I remember sitting here this time last year writing my blog about New Year’s and the resolutions I would make, so with that in mind, let’s see how I did.

Number One – Financial Security. Well, seeing as I still have a job in this crazy economy, I’d consider this resolution a success!

Number Two – Health. I ran a lot of miles this year, had a false alarm regarding my heart which led to all kinds of exams which in turn provided a much better view into my health and I’ve eaten pretty well so again, I’d rate this a success!

Number Three – A Happy Relationship. This is always the most elusive resolution of the group. Sadly, I need to call this a failure also but I am every hopeful.

Number Four – Learning to play my guitar. Failure, plain and simple. I just never made the time to work on this one.

Number Five – Practice with my weapon and get my CCW. Again, failure.

Number Six – Create a home office and write another book. I’m calling this one a three-quarter failure. I did not create my  home office nor did I write another book, BUT I did revisit some older short stories and began shopping them around to publishers, so that should count for something!

So while I did not accomplish most of my goals for the year, I did concentrate on what’s important to me. I spent quality time with my friends, flew up North to visit family whom I hadn’t seen in far too long and I lived my life with as little drama as possible. I’ll take that over anything any day!

Happy New Year everyone!

OK, so they were wrong….Merry Christmas!

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The Mayans obviously had a calendar from a very early version of Microsoft Windows (TM) because we are all still here and getting ready to celebrate Christmas once again. My shopping is finished and the eggnog is flowing; so please excuse any typos or grammatical errors in this entry.

The commercialism of the season seems to have lessened or maybe I just haven’t watched as much television this year. Whatever the reason, I’m hopeful that society as a whole is becoming less enamored with the materialistic reason and more in tune with the true spirit of the holiday.

There have been a multitude of reasons to question our faith this year but these are the times we need to lean even harder on it and turn to one another for solace, happiness and gratitude.

We all have His spirit within us, so let it flow on Christmas day in remembrance of His birth and the life He sacrificed so that we may live to honor Him.

Merry Christmas to one and all!


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The First Thanksgiving

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Another Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone and as I reflect on this most recent four day weekend, I can’t help but think how truly thankful I am at how everyone has held true to the reason for the holiday. I can just imagine how the original settlers celebrated this joyous event.

Back in 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed from Italy in search of anything important enough to give him his own holiday but he was really hoping to reach America where the kids would learn poems about his sailing prowess and plague-giving abilities. Somewhere along the way he got lost and landed on the shores of India or Ireland or some place like that. Regardless, he screwed up, which left America, as it was already being called in all the travel brochures, wide open for the Pilgrims.

Now the Pilgrims, aptly named for their crappy attitudes and solemn countenances, were tired of the poor dental practices in England and decided in 1620 to load all their belongings into a Mayflower moving company transport ship and sail to America; the land of baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. Upon arrival in the beautifully balmy state of Massachusetts, Starfleet Captain John Smith strode ashore and tripped over Plymouth Rock, gashing his knee in the process. This brought forth much laughter from Daniel Day-Lewis and the other Mohican tribe members who were taking a break outside one of their casinos.

After the rest of the Pilgrims unloaded their steamer trunks and Louis Vuitton suitcases from the ship, they were invited in to the casino for the buffet, which in Mohican meant “germ-fest” and since it was Thursday, the kids ate free. The Pilgrims winked knowingly to themselves as they were told it was still early and therefore wouldn’t need “reservations”.

After the meal, the Pilgrims opened their fortune cookies, revealing their lucky lottery numbers, left a small, insignificant coin as a tip for Sacajawea, (about one dollar in today’s market) and waddled back to the ship where they all unbuckled their pants and fell asleep in front of the TV to a rerun of I Love Lucy.

So there you have it, a fairly accurate recap of the first Thanksgiving celebration as told to me by my grandmother. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!