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The Airport

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The jet engines roar, the plane blasts through the air

Taking its passengers only they know where

I don’t care the destination, doggone it

I just want to board that flight and fly off on it



Written by David A. Ufer

June 25, 2013 at 8:43 am

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Anclote Key

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The breeze blows in our faces

As the boat cuts through the Gulf

A dolphin’s fin breaks the surface

Attracted to the hum of the engines

The sun is warm against our skin

As the aroma of coconut wafts by

The water is cool but not cold

Friends laugh and joke

As kids and dogs frolic on the beach

Sunscreen and cocktails, surf and sand

Welcome to Anclote Key

Written by David A. Ufer

May 20, 2013 at 8:58 am

The Clampetts Visit That Swedish Meatball Furniture Store

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Just how much furniture can one fit into a 2003 Mustang GT? Well, let me answer that; an entire apartment’s worth, that’s how much!

Those Swedes are geniuses with their modular designs and packaging. Two armchairs, two foot stools, a very large 6′ x 4′ picture mural including frame, queen-sized bed frame with head board and foot board, chair and foot stool cushions, assorted kitchen accessories and the hide from a small Yeti all slid, crammed and otherwise stowed somewhat Tetris-like into my car. Add myself and two passengers all in the front seat and I was glad I didn’t eat too many more of those delicious meatballs!

It was my first trip to that store but I can be pretty much assured it won’t be my last. I may not ever need any furniture from there but I could easily have filled the car will all kinds of accessories and knick-knacks. Maybe if I deck out my kitchen and make it more hospitable for cooking, I can get a cute girl to cook for me.