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Observations While Traveling

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Just a few thoughts while traveling to New Jersey for my grandmother’s 99th birthday party.

Some people are extremely rude and self-centered with the overhead storage compartments. I could hardly find room for my sardine can suitcase due to the steamer trunks other travellers bring on board. It’s ridiculous!

I hate air travel because I know I’m bound to pick up some germ or illness. I made the mistake of grabbing a magazine from the seat pocket and then spent the rest of the flight trying in vain to avoid touching my face, eyes, nose or mouth.

There were a couple of babies on the flight. One poor child was laughing one minute and crying the next as the air pressure affected his ears. First he called for Mama, next Dada and then Yaya. That poor kid was reaching out to anyone he could for help. If he even remotely came close to saying David A. Ufer, I would have gone back to help him.

The new security rules require passengers to use the lavatories in their “class section” only. Apparently First Class passengers piss  excellence.

US Airways gives a mid-flight pitch for their credit card. I booked a coach ticket on a discount travel website, the last thing I need is another credit card.

And the coup de grace upon landing in Newark, NJ was the woman who heaved just as we hit the tarmac. The splattering of this explosive hurl was not at all funny but the “Jesus Christ!” that immediately followed by her seat mate will forever make me smile and laugh out loud at the thought of it.

I would repeat all of the above in a second for a chance to enjoy the birthday celebrations of Bruce Springsteen and my grandmother all over again!


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September 23, 2012 at 11:39 pm

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Happy Anniversary!

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It was one year ago that I posted my first blog and what a year it has been!

My first blog post, aside from the brief introductory entry, was the saddest post I have written but it came very easily from my heart. It is also my most read entry in one day; I take that as a testament to the love and caring for my friend who left us far too soon.

I’ve shared some of my innermost feelings with my blog and tried to provide content that everyone could enjoy and maybe create some challenging conversations.

Since starting this venture, I’ve gotten a new job and met some wonderful new friends. My goal of writing full-time is still there but for now I will have to settle for my weekly Monday deadline and continue to work toward some kind of full-time writing gig.

I noticed a slight increase in readership over the year but it wasn’t until my 2012 London Olympic posts that I became world-wide. And somehow my “Super Heroes” post continues to garner readership overseas. I find that very interesting.

So thanks to everyone who reads this; old friends and new. I will continue on each Monday and I look forward to any and all comments.

Have a great week!

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September 17, 2012 at 6:36 am

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Labor Day (The End of Summer and Back to School)

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Labor Day – the official end of summer for us kids when we were growing up in New Jersey. I remember looking forward to seeing some of my friends I hadn’t seen much during the summer and also being a little nervous as to what the coming school year would bring.

We had our new school items all neatly packed and ready to go. Every year was going to be the year we really buckled down and paid attention in school. Our notebooks would be kept in order with every subject having its own section and we wouldn’t wait until the last minute to do our homework and assignments. During a good year, all these self-imposed goals would last maybe a few weeks or a month if we were really determined.

I was one of those students who could get by with doing just enough and that was fine with me. I really didn’t care for school at all and I’m sure I was not alone in that mindset. I had my favorite classes, of course; English, Biology, Physics and Woodworking were always fun for me but for the most part I was bored out of my mind and desperate to get the heck out of there.

My desires were always out on the track. I dreaded the workouts each day because that meant I was going to be in pain while running them but deep down I loved every second of it! If I could go back in time to my high school days, I don’t necessarily think I would be a better student but I certainly would be a better athlete. I would work my tail off on that track and score more wins and medals than I did.

Now Labor Day is just a day off from work. The sun sets earlier and earlier each night until I get up and drive to work in the dark and then drive home from work in the dark as well. There’s not much opportunity to see or spend time in the sun and that’s perhaps the saddest part about this time of year.

I hope everyone had a great summer and remember, another summer season is just nine months away.

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September 3, 2012 at 6:56 am

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